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Hamann Motorsport launches Product Range for the Range Rover Velar

Hamann Motorsport has added the Range Rover Velar, the most luxurious and currently most powerful vehicle from Land Rover, to its product portfolio. The Hamann portfolio offers aerodynamic parts and wheel sets for the Range Rover Velar.

The aerodynamic program for the Range Rover Velar will offer a 10-piece wheelhouse trim set as well as a tail center panel molding.

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10 Piece Wheel House Trim Set

The wheel house trim set underlines the Velar's sporty and powerful appearance. Vehicle lowering and track width modifications or combinations of both go very well with wider rims and tires as well as with wheel house trims. The wheel house trims are required for use of Hamann rims in 23 inch size such as Anniversary Evo II Black Line 23, Anniversary Evo II Graphite Gray 23 or the exclusively made Anniversary Evo II Hyper Silver 23.

The wheel house trims come as a complete 10 piece set for all 4 wheel arches (3 piece front, 2 piece rear per side). The factory semi gloss black wheel house trims can be painted. Paint job and mounting can also be done ex works.

Tail Center Panel Molding

The tail center panel molding for Range Rover Velar smoothens airflow on the vehicle's under body and adds visual elegance to the vehicle's rear end.

The factory semi gloss black tail center panel molding goes perfectly together also for vehicles equipped with a tow bar. Paint job and mounting can also be done ex works.

Wheel Sets

No less than six Hamann wheel sets for the Velar are available from the start - each in 22 or 23 inch size.

The "Anniversary Evo 22" wheel set includes 265/40 ZR22 wheels on 9.5x22 ET35 rims with a 5x108 NLB 63.4mm bolt circle. The wheel set is available in three custom colors: "Anniversary Evo Silver 22", "Anniversary Evo Graphite Gray 22" and "Anniversary Evo Black Line 22". For 22 inch size wheels, mounting of the 2-piece front axle wheel cover set (included in the respective wheel sets) is mandatory.

The "Anniversary Evo II 23" series wheel set is characterized by 305/30 ZR23 wheels on 11,0x23 ET23 rims with a 5x108 NLB 63.4 mm bolt circle. The special color "Hyper Silver" is exclusively used for "Anniversary Evo II Hyper Silver 23" series rims. Alternatively, the "Anniversary Evo II 23" series comes in deep black as "Anniversary Evo II Black Line 23" or in graphite gray as "Anniversary Evo II Graphite Gray 23".

If 23 inch size wheels are to be used on the Range Rover Velar, additional mounting of the wheel house trim set is required to meet the so called StVZO requirements (German Road Traffic Legal Regulations).

Identical front and rear axle wheel dimensions allow to swap wheels for both 22 and 23 inch wheel sets, thus extending tire lifetime.

All wheel sets for the Range Rover Velar come with mounted and balanced tires and include the RDK sensor system for automatic tire pressure monitoring. A parts certificate is available for all wheel sets.

The Hamann Program Uniqueness

The Hamann program is characterized by the fact that almost all components can be purchased separately. This allows to select the particular components and assemble them individually piece by piece.

While product range widens, it will offer more and more vehicle-tailored components so the vehicle equipment can individually and gradually be completed.