Cleaning and care of painted alloy wheels

Alloy wheels are exposed to many external influences, such as brake dust, road dirt, salt and moisture, which is why they must be cleaned regularly. Depending on the time of the year and the degree of soiling, we recommend cleaning the wheels at least every two weeks.

For this we give the following recommendations:

> Never clean your wheels when they are still hot
> Avoid car washes, as aggressive cleaners or hard brushes are often used there
> Only use mild detergents such as car shampoo or dishwashing liquid
> Never use aggressive, acid or strongly alkaline detergents, as these attack the paintwork and damage it permanently
> Only use a soft sponge for cleaning and avoid hard brushes, metal cleaning detergents, abrasives, pan cleaners, etc.
> Never use high pressure washers or steam jets
> After washing, rinse off the detergent with plenty of clean water
> Do not use chrome or other polishes
> Dry the wheels with a soft, clean cloth and apply rim wax
> Any surface damage should be repaired immediately in a suitable manner in order to avoid corrosion

One more note on specially offered rim cleaners:
Please do not use rim cleaners. These are mostly acidic or strongly alkaline. You often buy the success of quick cleaning expensively with later occurring paint damage or corrosion.

Any damage caused by incorrect cleaning is excluded from warranty.